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Winning Eleven 2002 Versi PS1

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Game's description
Winning Eleven 2002

FAQ - the most frequently asked questions
Detailed description of steering
Detailed description of formation and strategy

List of content:

I. Steering and moves:
1) Choice of the manual or automatic player change
2) Elemental keys

a) Defence
b) Offence
c) Goalkeeper

3) Special moves
4) Free kicks and cornerkicks

II. Main menu
1) Options before the game
2) Options during the game

III. Formation and Strategy menu
1) Formation menu

a) PL. CHANGE (Player change)
b) KICKER SET (Player function/kicker set)
c) CAPTAIN S. (Captain set)
d) TEAM SET (Formation settings)
e) STRATEGY (Strategy settings)
f) FORMAT. COPY (Remember Formation)

2) Players Informations
a) Positions
b) Form, injuries and endurance
c) Attributes and skills

I. Steering and moves

1) Manual or automatic player change

Press kwadrat to choose automatic/manual player change.

Auto (default)

Manual (for advanced)

2) Elemental keys:

a) Defence
kwadrat strza³ka Forces a non-selected player of your team to chase the adversary player who has the ball
kó³ko strza³ka Ground Tackle. Be careful with this, as a miscalculated tackle can result in a foul. Throw in (long).
x strza³ka Keep pressed to make the selected player of your team chase the player who has the ball. Press it once while near the ball to attempt to steal it from the adversary. Passing header (press it when the ball is in the air). Throw in (short).
trójk±t strza³ka Move your goalkeeper away from the goal. Dangerous. Use it only in emergency situations.
R1 strza³ka Speed.
L1 strza³ka Player change.

b) Offence
kwadrat strza³ka Shoot. Header (press it when the ball is in the air).
kó³ko strza³ka High pass, center (1 pressed - high, two times - mid-height, 3 razy - ground center).
x strza³ka Pass to the next teammate.
trójk±t strza³ka Deep pass.
R1 strza³ka Speed.
L1 strza³ka Player change.

c) Goalkeeper
kó³ko strza³ka Strong knocking out.
x strza³ka Throwing out the ball to the next defender.

3) Special moves:

L1 + trójk±t strza³ka High deep pass. Useful.
L1 + kwadrat strza³ka Lobby. Perfect for when the opponent's keeper is heading your way.
tyl + kwadrat strza³ka light lobby.
L1 x 3 strza³ka The player will do a dribbling motion.
kwadrat + x strza³ka Quick dribble, it works only on the rivals half. Useful to confuse the Goalkeeper.
When you pass the ball, press R1 (before the ball reaches the player) strza³ka this will cause the player to let the ball pass by him.

4) Free Kicks and Corners:

Free kicks:
kwadrat strza³ka Shoot.
kó³ko strza³ka High pass.
trójk±t strza³ka Deep pass.
x strza³ka Short pass.
dol + kwadrat strza³ka The ball is shot with less power, but more precision.. Free kicks in distance < 20m.
gora + kwadrat strza³ka Shoot the ball with less precision, but very powerfully. Free kicks in distance > 30m.
dol + kó³ko strza³ka Ground pass. You can also try to score, treating this play as a shoot, when we have a very close distance, the shoot has the chance to fly under the jumping wall.
gora + kó³ko strza³ka Middle-high pass with more power.

Corner kicks:
x strza³ka short pass.
kó³ko strza³ka Center.
dol + kó³ko strza³ka Ground center.
gora + kó³ko strza³ka Middle-high center, but the short is stronger.

When you execute a Free Kick or Corner kick press the direction Left or Right already after filling up of the energy of the shoot in order to twist up the ball.

II. Main menu

1) Options before the game:

Default options were marked by "*".
a) Game time
- Day
- Night*
b) Wheather
- Short Sleeves/Sunny *
- Short Sleeves/Rain
- Long Sleeves/Sunny
- Long Sleeves/Rain
c) Game Lenght
5 to 30 minutes. (10min*)
d) Game difficulty (offline game)
- Easy
- Normal
- Hard *
e) Extra Time
- Yes
- No*
f) Golden Goal
- Yes
- No*
g) Penalty Kicks
- Yes
- No*
h) Stadium
- 15 options
i) Shirts
- Home/Away*
- Away/Home
- Home/Home
- Awal/Away

2) Options during the game:

a) Start Match
b) Formation
- Elabor. Strategy – Entry the Formation menu (setting)
- Save/Load Strategies

When the game begins higher exchange options will be replaced be these:
a) Continue Match
b) Formation -
- Set Strategy -
- Save/Load Strategies

III. Formation and Strategy menu

1) Formation menu

In this paragraph every option in the Strategy and Formation menu is explained in detail.

a) PL. CHANGE (Player Change)
This option is used to change a player. We make changes by choosing a player and mark him by pressing kó³ko, we change a player through again pressing kó³ko on other player.

This option is used to set the players chosen functions. We have the possibility of the choice who has to execute free kicks, corner kicks, penalty kicks.

-CK: corner kick -> L: left | R: right
-FK: free kick -> L: long | S: short
-PK: penalty kick

c) CAPTAIN S. (Capitain set)
Here we can choose a Captain from our first eleven.

d) TEAM SET (Formation set)
This is the Hearth of the formation.

We Mark out four positions here
- SET. (setting) – we choose a formation, that is the system in what they have to be players on the field.
- DEFEN. TYPE (defensive type) – We establish the marking. The random setting is ZONE M. (zone marking) – We can it change to COVERING - aid, doubling of marking or on MAN M. (man marking) – The players seldom set the marking.
- AWARENES - We can set the offense/defense level of every player. This is an important option, because it have a big reflection on the field. We have the choice of offense preparation (forward arrow), defense (back arrow) and neutral (random).

- POSITION EDIT - Here we can change the position of every field player. Thanks to this option we can change the random formations, but there are step out certain limitation, for example it imposible to move the defender to the attack position. We must first select a random formation, then we have extra possibility to move the players according to the own liking.

e) STRATEGY (Strategy settings)
The next very important option, but used only by advanced players. There are two positions:
- STRATEGY, There we can choose the team strategy we are interested in. There are 2 modes to use strategy: professional and normal. The professional depends, that we turn the given strategy when we wont it, however in the normal mode steering the computer, but we have the possibility to choose one option which we will turn on by the button L2 . In the professional mode we can set 4 strategys used the main buttons ( x kolko kwadrat trojkat ). Select the strategy button which you want to use and during the game press L2 + the button that you selected to turn it on.

Explanation of the strategy:
No Strategy - no strategy
Normal - normal
Center Attack - The players often go down to the center and they thicken the center of the field during the attack.
Right Side Attack - The players often go down to the to right side of the field and they thicken the right zone of the field during the attack.
Left Side Attack - The players often go down to the left side of the field an they thicken the left zone of the field during the attack.
Opposite Side Attack - The players place on the opposite side of the field in relation to the place where the ball is given at the moment.
Change Sides - this steps out on wing and forward positions.
Center Back Overlap - The Center Back strengthens the strength of the attack of the team through far going out.
Zone Press - Pressing marking (The komputer duble the marking In the Demence).
Counter Attack - The players faster go forward, after the taking over of the ball.
Offside Trap - The Defenders try to catch the strikers on offsides, we can steer in which moment the defenders may to go some steps forward.
Change Formation - We can select 2 formations and change it during the match without coming in to the formation menu.

- OF / DF LEV.

The Offensive and defensive level of the team, which we can change in every moment during the game without coming in to the formation menu. We have some modes:
Manual Mode (MAN (L2 + R1 / R2) in which we can change the level by this buttons.
Normal mode (NORM) In which the computer change the of/def level during the game in depence of this if we attack or save our goal.
Half-automatic mode (DEF.AUTO , OFF.AUTO) in which the computer can change the level in the offense or defense direction.

f) FORMAT. COPY (Formation remember)
The above option serves to remember the formation of the team. It is useful only when we want to play with the some player more as one game, because after the exit of the game the data will be lost.

2) Player information

a) Positions:
In the game the positions are described as abbrevations:
GK: Goalkeeper
CB: Center Back
SB: Side Back
DH: Defense Half
SH: Side Half
OH: Offense Half
WG: Wing Striker
CF: Center Striker

b) Form, injuries and endurance
In the Formation menu press R1 you will see different arrows next to every player. This is the Form of some player in this game. It is very important, because this considerable degree influence on the atributes and skills. You can also see green belts on the left side from the forms, this is the endurance. When the player will be fouled and injuried, then on the form place will appear an information about the injurie.

Red arrow

Great form.

Orange arrow

Good form.

Greek belt

Normal form.

Blue arrow

Bad form.

White arrow

Pour form.

Yellow cross

The player is injuried, He can play farther, but his skills fell.

Red cross

Serious injury, the player can’t play farther.


The green belt on the left side from the forms this is the endurance. With the time of duration of the game the endurance of the players falls. This as quickly the endurance falls depends first of all on this as often the player have the ball and how strongly he is exploited in relation to his Stamina attribute.

c) Atributes and skills

When we choose a player will appear on the center a table with his attributes and skills. You can also see in it his height and this if the player is a right feet (Right) or a left feet (Left). The attributes can you help to choose a player with good skills on a position.

Explanation of all atributes:
Offense - offense skill, aliging in the attack
Defense - defense skill, aliging In the defence
Body Bal. - body play skill, protects oneself, shoving
Stamina - endurance
Speed - speed Accel. - acceleration
Response - reflex, nimbleness
Jump Pwr. - jump power
Head. Acc. - head accurate
Technique - technique
Pass Acc. - pass accurate
Shot Pwr. - shot power
Shot Acc. - shot accurate
Dribble - dribble
Curve - turning up the ball

This are the most important atributes fo etery position:
Golakeeper - Defense, Body Bal, Response, Jump Pwr
Defender - Defense, Body Bal, Stamina, Jump Pwr
Half - Speed, Accel, Technique, Pass Acc, Shot Pwr
Striker - Offense, Speed, Response, Shot Acc, Dribble

Author: Czarny and Tomek

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